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Heartbeat Standard Series 5AA Drumsticks

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The Heartbeat Standard series 5AA sticks are a great intermediate stick size which gives drummers either a more beefy 5A or a slimmer 5B.
  • American Hickory
  • Length: 16.12″
  • Diameter: 0.595″

Heartbeat Drumsticks has been a fast growing brand, right out the heart of Southeast Asia, with the manufacturing facility located in Bandung, Indonesia. The goal was to produce a Southeast Asian drumsticks brand for the world.
Wood selection, drying process, manufacturing quality control are all monitored at the production site in Bandung. What sets them apart, is their R&D into new sources of Asian wood for stick production. Working together with the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture & Forestation, Heartbeat Drumsticks ensures that all the wood sources and harvesting and replenishment process are carefully controlled. The Heartbeat Sapodilla standard series is a popular and fast growing testament of the Southeast Asian option for the drummer’s choice of wood live or in the studio.